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Grand Total of 55 icons!

No, I haven't died, I've just been busy. First I had a job that was supposed to be part time and ended up being full time (loved working at Gamestop but hated my manager) and then I was studying for my Real Estate course. It was a two week course with a final at the end. I passed the final with a 91 out of 100! Now I have to get ready for the state exam. But before I do, I figured I'd congratulate myself with some new icons! Hope you enjoy, there a so many types to choose from!

-- 1 Mod's Choice Winner
-- 10 Robin Hood: Men In Tights (text)
-- 10 Marie Antoinette
-- 3 Sleeping Beauty (disney)
-- 10 V.C. Andrews (5 + 5 alts)
-- 21 Star Wars (10 + 11 alts); mostly Anakin-centric


1 Mod's Choice Winner:

10 Robin Hood: Men In Tights Icons:

10 Marie Antoinette Icons:

3 Sleeping Beauty Icons:

10 V.C. Andrews Icons:

21 Star Wars Icons:

FYI: Icons without text ARE NOT bases. However you may modify them as long as you credit me. Also, when I do use bases, I edit them -- a lot.

Credits: Much love to wakeupem for marie antoinette bases, ahewlett for sleeping beauty bases, agentjedi for some of the anakin bases and last but certainly not least, sweartoshakeitup for her awesome textures! Oh! And to last5 and alliana07 for semi-copying their text icons. Check them out, they are both amazing!

-- Please comment when taking.
-- Credit opheliaxlives or opheliaicons.
-- Do not direct link.
-- Feel free to nominate any of my icons. If you do so, please let me know.

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Tags: anakin, disney, icons, marie antoinette, men in tights, padme, robin hood men in tights, sleeping beauty, star wars, v.c. andrews, vca
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