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26 SVH Icons

So, since they were so much fun to make, and since people seemed to enjoy my dorkiness so much, I made 20 more icons and 6 extras with alternate text. Hope you like them! They are a blast to make and so much fun to mock as well! I'm also experimenting with making polaroid icons thanks to a request I got (you know who you are)

-- 26 Sweet Valley High Icons


20 Sweet Valley High:

6 Extras with alternate text

-- Please comment when taking
-- Credit opheliaxlives or opheliaicons
-- Do not direct link
-- Feel free to nominate any of my icons

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I love them! Definitely going to grab something, just not sure what yet...
I stumbled onto these via friendsfriends, and OMG, love them so much. I think i'm going to grab lila hates jessica and jessica flirts with danger. Great job!
Hilarious! Meeeemmmmmreeeees *_*
More awesome. I'm saving a few of these.

I used the one I took from your last post last night and my flist loved it.
Oh, the memories!! <3 I spent several of my grade school years on the playgrounds reading book after book. Aw man, you have no idea how awesome these are. I'll save a handful and will definitely credit you when used.
I love these! Haven't read them in so long but oh wow.:)
Snagging an 'Elizabeth & Todd' one.:D
"Now with 137 more secrets!" LOL. Damn the number 37. I have to snag some. There's no fighting it anymore. I'll totally credit.
Oh yeah, for some reason "Elizabeth is doubtful" is just really, really funny to me.
lol That one was actually a lark. I loved the expression on her face but brain farted and just wrote the first thing that came to me. And it worked so tada! I'm glad that you enjoy them! Actually that "Now with 137 more secrets!" is my favorite. I had to use 137. I mean, that was standard Jessica =P I will eventually be doing another batch but not right away. Any specific pictures or quotes you'd like to see?
These are fun! Taking "Elizabeth is doubtful," and will credit, just like upstanding Elizabeth would do if she were on LJ. Thanks!
bahahahaha! those are so so good. and they brought back a flood of memories. Lila! Haha I remember Lila. vaguely. I snagged a bunch. thanks! I really love them. :D
Yay! I'm so glad that you like them =) I'm planning on making some more in the future. Feel free to give me ideas on what other SVH characters you'd like to see and I'll do my best!
I saved Elizabeth and Todd Forever and Double the Fun.
OMG, these are terriffic. I took a few and will credit when used, thanks.
These are great, am going to snag a few, will credit if used!
I so snagged the LIZ'N'TODD 4EVAH one.
Thanks :)
stealing some!